First Image of Nintendo Wii Mini Leaked by Retailer

A small gray console with a red outline is the upcoming redesign

The first image with the Nintendo Wii Mini has just been leaked by a retailer, effectively confirming the rumor we heard yesterday about a redesigned version of the original Wii console.

Nintendo released the Wii U last week in North America and is getting ready to debut it in Europe and the rest of the world in the following weeks.

Besides the new home console, it seems that Nintendo is also going to present a special Wii Mini, which is a redesigned version of the current Wii.

We already heard a rumor about such a thing yesterday and now Best Buy's Canadian website has revealed the first image of the Nintendo Wii Mini.

As you can see above, the new Wii is much more compact and features a red outline, as well as a red Wii Remote.

Nintendo has yet to confirm the upcoming redesign, but you can expect the Wii Mini to be officially revealed soon, ahead of its rumored release on December 7.

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