First Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Strategy in Action

The game uses a new engine that introduces snow and cold effects

The development team at Relic are offering the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming strategy game Company of Heroes 2, giving fans a glimpse of the experience they will get when it is launched in March 2013.

Despite this being a gameplay trailer, there’s a fair bit of epic music added to make the action more interesting and lots of explosions.

Company of Heroes 2 takes players to the Eastern Front of World War II, where Nazi German and Soviet Russian armies are clashing for control of vast area, with General Winter also taking sides in the fight.

The strategy game once again focuses on small number of units and allows players to combine their abilities in order to control the game map and repulse enemy assaults.

The game will introduce a new engine, which allows for the effects of snow and cold to be properly represented for the first time.

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