Firmware Updates on PlayStation 4 Will Never Bother the Player

Sony wants to always allow gamers to play their favorite titles

Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide, says that there’s no way to eliminate firmware updates from the home console ecosystem, but that his team is making sure that they will not bother the player in any way on the PlayStation 4.

He tells Eurogamer that, “It’s about the implementation phase. It’s all about how it gets implemented. So we have to wait for the final product, but our goal is always like that. So there will always be firmware updates.”

But the team working on the new console is trying to push both the download and the install process into the background in order to make sure that gamers can spend all their time actually playing on the PS4.

The core of the PlayStation 4 experience is designed to include more connectivity options and to give the player more freedom.

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