Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer Shows Quests and Combat Gameplay

The game will be in open beta stage soon, feedback is welcoed

The development team at Square Enix is giving fans of the Final Fantasy setting a chance to watch yet another trailer for the upcoming A Realm Reborn reboot of the XIV MMO, which is focused on showing actual gameplay.

The trailer is called Quests and Combat and delivers exactly that, walking players through an area of the game world and showing how characters can interact with it first getting access to a new adventure, then fighting in order to achieve an objective and finally getting the promised reward.

A Realm Reborn is designed to retain the successful elements of Final Fantasy XIV while also fixing all the problems that gamers have reported.

The new MMO is seen as crucial to the future of Square Enix, with developers saying that a failure might be a disaster for the publisher.

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