Final Fantasy XIII Might Get Special Trilogy Pack

The company will consider it after Lightning Returns launch

Motomu Toriyama, the game director working on Final Fantasy XIII, says that once the final installment in the series, Lightning Returns, is launched, publisher Square Enix might consider the possibility of launching a special retail package that includes all the titles.

The developer tells VG247 that, “We are currently devoting all of our efforts to Lightning Returns. Although we would certainly like to give it some consideration – if there were a big enough demand from the fans.”

Presumably, fans need to manifest their interest by simply buying the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns.

The new game will use the same game world, although modified by a number of catastrophic events, but it changes the core mechanics of the battle system.

Rumors suggest that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is currently being retooled for a next-gen launch.

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