Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization Close to Complete Since 2011

Fans are still pressuring Square Enix for a Western release

An anonymous source says that the team working on Final Fantasy Type-0 at Square Enix has managed to come close to completing localization work on the game since 2011, but that the project was then put on hold once sales of the PlayStation Portable declined in the first few months of 2012.

The source told Gematsu that 90 percent of the voice work was recorded using English actors in 2011 and that it would take little effort to get the project started and get Final Fantasy Type-0 launched on Western markets.

A fan-driven effort called Operation Suzaku is trying to persuade Square Enix to take this step, but it seems that the company is still looking for a strong demand from the Final Fantasy fan base.

A PlayStation Network-only launch was considered at some point, but it seems that terms with Sony could not be agreed.

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