Female Turian from Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Gets First Photos

Check out the new alien species in action thanks to two leaked images

The mysterious Female Turian from the upcoming Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC has just received her first photos, showing off her character design.

Mass Effect games portrayed a variety of alien races, from the Salarians, to the Asari, Turians or Krogans. What’s more, in the recent Mass Effect 3, we also got to admire female versions of some of these races, although the Turian women have still remained a mystery.

In the upcoming Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3, players will finally get to meet a Female Turian and now, thanks to a couple of photos via the NeoGAF forums, we can get a glimpse at her character design.

While she still retains the overall physique of her fellow male Turians, she is quite interesting and will no doubt provide some exquisite moments in the Omega DLC.

You can expect some more official screenshots from the upcoming add-on soon enough.

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