Far Cry 3’s Map Editor Gets Showcased in New Video

Create new levels for the multiplayer or for the single-player sandbox mode

Ubisoft has posted yet another video with its upcoming Far Cry 3 game, this time showing off the special map editor that’s included in the new shooter.

Far Cry 3 is set to include a huge amount of content, ranging from the single-player campaign, to the cooperative one, to the different competitive multiplayer modes.

Besides featuring all sorts of actual mechanics, from the standard shooting to an RPG-like skilltree system, the game also has a built-in map editor that allows owners to create their own environments, customize them in a variety of ways, and then play on them either in the multiplayer mode.

They can also try out the maps in the single-player, thanks to a special sandbox mode that allows players to populate them with enemies, allies, animals, or vehicles.

Overall, it seems that the map editor will definitely increase the lifespan of Far Cry 3, so check it out above.

Far Cry 3 is out later this week in Europe and next week, on December 4, in North America, for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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