Far Cry 3 Servers Offline Today, December 10, for Maintenance

The game once again displays errors when trying to connect online

Ubisoft has confirmed that the servers for Far Cry 3, its latest first-person shooter, are down for scheduled maintenance today, December 10, and that it doesn't know just when the servers are back online.

Far Cry 3 came out at the end of last month around the world and, while the game's release went off without any major problems, quite a few issues have affected it on the PC because of Ubisoft's servers that either didn't allow the game to connect to them or didn't let the Uplay service get the necessary data.

Now, after a period of relative stability, Ubisoft has confirmed that the Far Cry 3 servers are once again offline for scheduled maintenance.

"The FarCry 3 online servers are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance," the game's official Twitter account said.

As of yet, however, it's unclear just when this scheduled maintenance concludes.

The good news, however, is that the server outage isn't affecting the game as it once did, so you can access most of its features even without a connection to Ubisoft's online network.

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