Far Cry 3 Online Multiplayer Modes Down for Maintenance Today, December 17 UPDATED

Ubisoft is once again forcing Far Cry 3 owners to play offline

Ubisoft has just revealed that the online services for Far Cry 3 are down for maintenance today, December 17, meaning that players aren't able to access the competitive or cooperative multiplayer modes of the first-person shooter.

UPDATE: Ubisoft has now confirmed that the multiplayer service is back online for Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 3 came out at the beginning of the month and its launch was a pretty smooth one.

Sadly, soon after that, players were forced to endure quite a few offline periods for the game's different multiplayer modes, as Ubisoft had to take its servers down for different types of maintenance.

Today is no exception, as the company confirmed on its Twitter account that the game's multiplayer is down for maintenance.

The publisher didn't say just when things might go back to normal, saying only that everything should be fine "soon."

Let's hope Ubisoft will be able to refrain from any more maintenance in the following weeks, when Far Cry 3 owners will no doubt enjoy their winter holidays with the game.

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