Far Cry 3 Gets 50% Discount on PS3 via PAL PlayStation Store

The offer ends today, December 24, so take advantage of it as soon as possible

Sony's impressive 12 Deals of Christmas promotion is ending tonight and the company has now revealed the last great offer, in the form of a 50% discount for Far Cry 3, the stunning new first-person shooter from Ubisoft.

Sony ran a variety of great sales across its different territories, both in retail stores as well as on the online PlayStation Store.

Now, the 12 Deals of Christmas promotion is almost complete, as Sony has presented the last offer: a 50 percent discount for Far Cry 3.

The offer is available only on the PlayStation Store in PAL regions (aka Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc.), according to the PS blog, and expires at 11:59 GMT today, December 24.

As such, make sure you visit the online store and take advantage of this huge discount for such a great game.

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