Fans Petition for Dark Souls 2 and Tomb Raider on Wii U

Thousands of people want big games to appear for the Wii U

Nintendo Wii U owners have started organizing petitions for various upcoming games to reach their new platform, with many demanding that titles like Dark Souls 2 or Tomb Raider to appear for the Wii U.

The Wii U came out several weeks ago and it's been a pretty big success, with hundreds of thousands of people getting the new console as well as several games for it.

Now, seeing as how the steady stream of releases promised by Nintendo isn't looking so good, Wii U owners have started organizing petitions aimed at certain upcoming games that won't come out for the new console.

Several such petitions have appeared on dedicated websites, with the biggest one calling for Dark Souls 2, the recently confirmed RPG, to appear on the Wii U. Over 10,000 people have signed this petition, but more signatures are needed if it is sent to developer From Software.

Another game that's just received its own petition is Tomb Raider, the upcoming action game from Crystal Dynamics, who has just gathered around 300 supporters.

As of yet, however, neither From Software nor Crystal Dynamics has talked about these petitions.

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