Fan Starts Kickstarter to Pay for Elite: Dangerous Reward Tier and Write Novella

Says he is fan of the series and will expand the game universe

An aspiring writer named Drew Wagar is using Kickstarter to get access to the money he needs in order to pay for a reward tier linked to the crowd funding service project for Elite: Dangerous.

He aims to get 4,500 dollars (3,750 Euro) in order to write a novel called Elite: Reclamation and he is more than halfway to his goal.

Wagar says, “I’m an enormous fan of Elite. I started playing back in 1984 when I got Elite for Christmas as a bright eyed 13 year old. I know my Zieman deflector shields from my Irrikon Thru-space drives. You’ll have seen the Tionisla Orbital graveyard in the video. I *really* know this stuff. You can trust me on this one.”

The writer will use the money he raises to pay for a reward tier for Elite: Dangerous, which will allow him to integrate his fiction into the upcoming space sim.

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