Fan Communities Can Drive Video Game Development, Says Valve Leader

Greenlight and Kickstarter can provide the necessary resources

Gabe Newell, the leader of Valve, believes that gamer communities are becoming ever more important for video game development and that big companies will have major problems with their traditional distribution models in the coming years.

The developer tells The Nerdist that, “There are a bunch of different ways that communities can drive what is going to happen, and one of the last pieces is to figure out how the community itself can drive the financing of projects. I actually think that’s going to happen regardless. The earlier fans start supporting a project, the greater the results are going to be.”

Newell believes that fan pressure will mean that entertainment will get better and that players will have more products that adhere to their own requirements rather than impose a set of ideas.

Valve might revolutionize the gaming world during 2014 with its new Steam box.

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