Family Guy Online Goes Dark on January 18

All the content bought before December 21 will be refunded

Developers Roadhouse Interactive and ACRONYM Games, alongside publisher 20th Century Fox, have announced that they plan to close down the Family Guy Online experience on January 18 of this year.

The game offers a micro-transaction powered world that uses MMO principles and social experience, but the game was never officially launched and always remained in an open beta gray area.

Family Guy Online uses characters and situations from the cartoon series, but gamers have never been satisfied with the mechanics.

All real money purchases that players have made between the dates of October 22 and December 21 will be refunded and the team behind the game expects to have all the deals done in early January.

Presumably, the continued success of Family Guy on television will mean that another video game development team will get a chance to create a game based on the same core ideas.

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