Fallen Enchantress Receives Random and Designed Map Pack

Players will get more variety than in the core game

Those who have bought Elemental: Fallen Enchantress can now buy and download a new map pack for the mix between strategy and role playing.

This introduces new elements that will be integrated into the random maps and a number of new battlefields created by the Stardock developers themselves.

The included maps are:

Clash – Play against a single opponent on a balanced map, or discover a ship and explore the nearby islands.

Crucible – Four opponents with a common area between their starting positions, can you hold the center and take out your enemies?

Dust Bowl – A dangerous map with few fertile positions. But the land isn’t empty, hordes of monsters have claimed it.

The Wildlands – 10 Wildlands on one map. Can any empire rise in a world ruled by monsters?

Anthys – Play across the entire world of Elemental on this map that is over twice the size as the largest maps in Fallen Enchantress.

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