Fallen Enchantress Gets Patch 1.01, Including Fixes and a New Scenario

Players will get a better game experience after applying it

The development team at Stardock Entertainment announces that it has launched the 1.01 patch for their title Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, which is designed to fix most of the bugs that the community has been talking about since launch, while also introducing a slew of new content to the game.

The 1.01 patch will allow players to get access to a new Scenario and there are enhancements for the Artificial Intelligence that powers the computer enemies, and usability changes made to the user interface.

The full list of bugs that have been eliminated can be found on the official forums of Fallen Enchantress.

The update will be automatically applied to those who have bought the game on Steam and the rest of players can log into the Download section of the official Fallen Enchantress website.

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