Facebook and Twitter Eliminated from Xbox 360 in Favor of Internet Explorer

Microsoft is forcing Xbox 360 owners to use IE in order to access the social networks

Microsoft began rolling out a brand new dashboard update for Xbox 360 consoles around the world this week and, besides adding a variety of features, the new software also eliminated the Facebook and Twitter apps from the console, apparently to motivate gamers to use the new Internet Explorer browser.

The Xbox 360 received a variety of special apps over the years, ranging from ones that allow owners to view content on demand, to ones that gave them access to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Sadly, the last two are no longer available as the recent dashboard update has eliminated the two apps.

According to NeoWin, Microsoft has taken this decision in order to motivate Xbox 360 owners to use the new Internet Explorer browser in order to access the services.

Consoles that already had the Facebook or Twitter apps installed can still use them but new devices won't be able to download them via Xbox Live.

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