Fable III and Awesomenauts Are Part of Steam’s Midweek Madness

Gamers can get the two games with significant price cuts

Developers Ronimo Games and Lionhead, in collaboration with Valve, have announced that their titles Awesomenauts and Fable III are part of the Midweek Madness offer on the Steam digital distribution service.

Awesomenauts is a mix between action, platformer and strategy that can now be bought for a little over 3 dollars or Euro until Thursday at 4 PM Pacific Standard Time.

For passionate fans, the game is also available with an added soundtrack or as part of a four-game package.

Fable III is an mix between action and role playing created by Likonhead under the leadership of Peter Molyneux.

Gamers can once again customize a hero and return to the land of Albion in order to save it once again from dark forces, this time modeled after those of the real-world Industrial Revolution.

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