FTL Sound Design Was Not Inspired by Star Wars, Says Composer

The score was designed to match the themes of the game

Ben Prunty, the music composer who worked with Subset Games on the critically acclaimed FTL: Faster Than Light, says that he deliberately avoided using Star Wars and Star Trek as influences when he created the soundtrack.

The music creator told Rock, Paper, Shotgun, as part of a bigger interview related to indie games and music, how he eliminated the orchestra from the sound design in order to better reflect the nature of the game.

He says, “I thought that if I took out the orchestral score, let it just be electronic but with a cinematic sound – because there’s still a lot of non-chiptune type sound going on in FTL – I thought that if I just didn’t have an orchestra, I could give it a more unique sound.”

FTL was created using Kickstarter resources by a very small studio and the music was one of the elements that increased the immersion in the game world.

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