FTL Quality Driven by Deadline Pressure

The team was focused on delivering a quality experience

Matthew Davis, one of the developers at Subset Games who created FTL, believes that the pressure, associated with public deadlines for his indie project, including competitions like Indiecade or the Independent Games Festival, was one of the reasons behind the quality of the final experience.

The developer says, “The constant deadlines were huge. The deadline of people wanting to play this game, and ultimately judge this game, was the motivation to get this into something playable.”

The fact that the game was entered into competitions meant that, every 3 to 4 months, Subset Games needed to evaluate game balance and functionality and focus on improving it.

FTL is a space-based roguelike which tasks the player with taking charge of one ship and its crew and then guiding it through increasingly hostile space before a final showdown.

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