FTL: Faster Than Light Is 40% Cheaper on Steam Until Monday

Games will get access to one of the best indie experiences of 2012

Developer Subset Games and Valve are making FTL: Faster Than Light available on Steam with a 40 percent price cut until Monday, December 10 at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time, which means that players can get it for 5.99 dollars or Euro.

FTL might just be the best indie title of the year, a roguelike that takes players to space and allows them to control a spaceship and its crew as it runs away from Rebel forces and must navigate a complex universe.

The game is tense and engaging and manages to capture the perils of space in a very unique way, with many players describing it as the Star Trek like game they never got to experience before.

Gamers can also buy a package of FTL that also includes the subdued soundtrack.

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