FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends Is Exclusive to Xbox One and 360

Former great players can now be added to all the teams

Video game developer EA Sports and Microsoft announce that they are working to create a new Ultimate Team Legends mode that will be offered only in FIFA 14 running on the Xbox One next-gen console.

The new mode is designed to allow gamers to recruit the best players in the history of football in order to complement their teams, according to an official reveal on Facebook.

Special packs of players will be offered to all those who are playing FIFA 14 on the Xbox One and microtransactions can also be used to get access to legendary footballers.

The Ultimate Team mode is one of the most successful elements of the modern FIFA series and allows players to create custom teams which they can then use to challenge their friends.

FIFA 14 will be out on September 24 on current-gen consoles and the PC and will use the new Ignite engine on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

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