FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Has Problems with the Transfer Market

The company is thanking gamers for their patience during this period

The development team at EA Sports working on FIFA 14 announces that it is aware of the problems that gamers are facing when trying to list items in the Ultimate Team for sale on the transfer market and are currently looking for a possible solution.

The information comes from the official Twitter account of the company and the studio is also thanking all those involved for their patience while the game problem is solved.

The transfer market has been affected by issues a number of times over the past few months and EA Sports is moving as fast as possible to solve them.

Gamers need to trade items in order to update their teams and the overall revenue of the company might be affected if the issues continue for a long period.

The Ultimate Team mode for FIFA 14 is incredibly popular among gamers, who are willing to spend both time and money in order to make sure that they create a competitive team and defeat their friends online.

EA Sports is offering long-term support for the football simulation just as it is working on an all-new 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil experience that will launch in the middle of April and which will only be offered on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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