FIFA 13 Ultimate Team and Other Online Services Down Today, February 5

EA is running 4 hours of maintenance for FIFA Ultimate Team and other online modes

Electronic Arts' Sports division has just confirmed that the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team mode and other online services for FIFA 13 are currently down for maintenance today, February 5.

FIFA 13 impressed millions of players from all around the world with its top-notch soccer/football simulation and with special experiences like the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team mode, which allows players to form their own teams.

Sadly, the FIFA Ultimate Team mode has been plagued by problems and EA was forced to take it offline many times in order to implement fixes.

Today, February 5, EA Sports has once again revealed that all of the FIFA 13 online services, including Ultimate Team, are down for maintenance.

The offline period has already started at 12am PT (8am GMT) and will last until 4am PT (12pm GMT).

A few issues and problems will be addressed during this time so FIFA 13 owners should hope EA finishes its maintenance as soon as possible.

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