FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Offline Today, December 14

Trade pile and auction house issues have forced EA to take down the service

Electronic Arts has once again taken down the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Service, in order to perform some maintenance and address certain issues like the trade pile and auction house glitches.

Without a doubt one of the most impressive features in FIFA 13 and something that made a lot of people get the new sports simulator is the Ultimate Team mode.

Sadly, FIFA 13's iteration of the Ultimate Team system wasn't that secure, as users were able to exploit all sorts of glitches and issues.

Fortunately, EA was able to fix all these problems, but in order to do this it had to take down the service multiple times.

Now, EA has confirmed on its forum that it has once again take FIFA 13's Ultimate Team mode offline in order to address certain trade pile and auction house issues.

The offline period has already started and will end on 4am PST (12pm GMT).

FIFA 13's other online modes won't be disturbed by this maintenance for the Ultimate Team mode.

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