FIFA 13 Producer Believes Wii U Is Exciting

The console offers new ways to interact with gamers

Despite the relatively small impact it has had on the market on launch, some game makers are confident that the Wii U console from Nintendo can be important in the long term.

Matt Prior, the line producer on FIFA 13, tells Nintendo Everything that, “The Wii U is an exciting new piece of hardware that offers opportunities that other consoles can’t, simply because of the uniqueness of the platform, in particular the GamePad.”

FIFA 13 on the Wii U focused on making the controller a gateway to the game filled with options that other consoles could not replicate.

The next FIFA title will get even more integration with the Nintendo home console.

EA Sports has not yet offered any information on the future of the series on next-generation consoles, which should start in fall 2013.

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