FIFA 13 Patch Now Available for Download on PS3

No more invisible balls or freezes during the campaign

After releasing the latest patch for FIFA 13 a few weeks ago on the PC and Xbox 360 platforms, Electronic Arts has now confirmed that it has just been rolled out for the PlayStation 3 console, fixing all sorts of weird glitches, including the invisible ball one.

FIFA 13 is one of the most successful sports games of the year, managing to draw in millions of fans from all over the world across its variety of platforms.

The game isn't perfect, however, as quite a few bugs and glitches were encountered by players, like invisible balls or freezes during career mode.

In order to fix some of them, EA released an update for the game a couple of weeks ago on the PC and Xbox 360 platforms.

Now, the PS3 version of the patch has finally been released by EA, according to the official Twitter account, allowing owners of FIFA 13 on the Sony console to have a less buggy experience with the football simulator.

EA didn't say just why there was such a delay, but it's good to see the update finally appearing for PS3 owners of FIFA 13.

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