ExtraLives Welcomes 2013 with Pokemon Marathon Starting Saturday

Fans will be able to watch three-character setups being played

ExtraLives is aiming to use an upcoming Pokemon marathon gaming session linked to New Year’s Eve in order to put its lifetime donations over the 100,000 dollars (75,554 Euro) mark.

The event will start on Saturday, December 29 and the ExtraLives team wants to play for as long as possible and welcome the New Year with a dose of monster-based role playing.

Three different screens will be streamed, with each of them using a different version of the game, with Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle the chosen characters.

The team says, “Just about a week ago, we weren't slated to have any fundraiser but thanks to a couple dozen cups of coffee and a load of help and feedback from the folks in the IRC chat, we've now found just the way for you guys to celebrate New Year’s. A special thanks goes out to EdTheNerd for sending over a huge box of supplies and games and Jyn for working on the banner on such short notice (again).”

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