Expeditions: Conquistador Combines Tactics and Role Playing

The game offers 2 campaigns and more than 100 events

Logic Artists, an indie developer hailing from Denmark, offers more details on Expeditions: Conquistador, the mix of tactical gameplay and role playing that will allow gamers to prove their diplomatic and their strategic abilities as they conquer the New World.

The game was funded via Kickstarter during September of this year and the launch version will include two complete campaigns, 10 character classes to choose from, 28 unique weapons to use, skills for all of them and 100 random events to deal with as the story progresses.

At the moment, Expeditions: Conquistador is in a second alpha state, which can be played by all backers, with a remade art style and with the addition of the passive companion skills that were initially offered as a stretch goal.

The final launch is currently planned for February 2012 and fans can also vote for Expeditions: Conquistador on the Steam Greenlight service.

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