Europe and Asia Will Dominate Social and Mobile Gaming by 2016

Most video games will be linked to a growing Chinese market

A new report from Digi-Capital, an investment banking service company, says that by 2016, the social gaming and mobile market will be dominated by Asia and Europe, both in terms of players and involved development teams.

Global video games revenue in 2016 is estimated to reach 83 billion dollars (62.4 billion Euro) and about 57 percent of that will be linked to mobile and social experience, up from just 49% during 2012.

In 2015, Asia and Europe will account for 87 percent of worldwide revenue from this gaming space, with China coming in as the biggest market, with 32% of the total value.

Tim Merel, the managing director at Digi-Capital, is quoted by Gamasutra as saying that, “The basis of competition across games market sectors is moving towards free-to-play and communal games and business models. Gamification is attracting significant early stage investment, although much development remains for that market to achieve its potential.”

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