Europa Universalis IV Features Rivalries, Improved Usability

Developers want players to focus on stories, not mechanics

The development team at Paradox Interactive working on Europa Universalis IV unveils a new concept of rivalry and offers information on the improved usability options of the upcoming grand strategy title.

Thomas Johansson, the lead designer working on the game, says that rivalries are designed to underline the complexity of diplomatic relations during the period, when the enemy of one’s enemy was seen as a friend.

Designating a country as a rival will lead to a breakdown in relations but will attract the help of other factions that want to see their own rival destroyed.

Johansson also tells The Escapist that, “Another big focus for us is of course usability. Our games are complex, but they don't need to be complicated. A lot of that has to do with presentation.”

Paradox wants players to enjoy the stories they are creating in Europa Universalis IV rather than trying to decipher the mechanics.

EU IV will be out on the PC during the fall of this year.

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