Epic Mickey 2 Sells Just 270,000 Units in US During 2012

The future of the series is uncertain given Disney's current long-term plans

The Disney-published and Junction Point-developed Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two sold just 270,000 units in the United States before the end of 2012, which represents a very poor performance when compared to the 1.2 million that the original in the series managed during an equivalent period.

The Power of Two was designed to build on the mechanics of the first Epic Mickey, with players able to engage in cooperative play using Oswald the Rabbit and his new abilities.

Warren Spector, the leader of Junction Points, promised more freedom to affect the game world and better paint and thinner mechanics.

Initially, Epic Mickey was supposed to be a four-game series, but it’s unlikely that Disney will fund the development of a third core game given the very weak performance of The Power of Two.

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