Graphically Enhanced Version of “Memento Mori” Now Live on Steam

The adventure game includes the original soundtrack as well

The classical point and click adventure Memento Mori has just landed on Steam. Created back in 2008 by the folks at Centauri Production, the game's graphics has been overhauled to meet the minimum requirements for today's standards.

Although the Steam variant of Memento Mori uses an enhanced version of the game engine, for some the graphics might still seem a bit outdated.

Developers claim they've added realtime 3D environment using today’s graphics cards to create desired atmosphere with special effects.

All in all, fans of the genre will find it quite enjoyable, as the Steam version also includes the original soundtrack. Check it out here.

In Memento Mori players will be able to control two characters, Max, the main hero, and Lara, who is more of a supporting character. Keep in mind that the end of the game very much depends on player's choices throughout the story.

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