EndWeekGame: November 9

Playing Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, Angry Birds and Fallen Enchantress

Andrei Dumitrescu: This weekend I plan to split my gaming time, limited as it is, between three big games: Halo 4, Football Manager 2013 and Fallen Enchantress.

Halo 4 is a straight up shooter and the development team at 343 Industries has picked up the mantle of Bungie and has created a game experience that’s quick, engaging and puts Master Chief front and center, fighting a new and tougher set of enemies, while also dealing with old problems.

Football Manager 2013 is at the other spectrum of the gaming world and requires patience and a lot of thinking, where Halo 4 asks the player for quick instincts and reactions.

Fallen Enchantress is the most complex game of the three, an experience that focuses on both strategy and role playing in equal measure.

I will spend most of my time with Halo 4, enjoying its action sequences and its beautiful graphics, but in the long term, the football simulation is the game that will hold my interest.

Andrei Dobra: Besides spending time with traditional favorites, like Borderlands 2 or Mass Effect 3, this weekend I’ll also play quite a bit of Angry Birds Star Wars, the latest spinoff title based on two of the most insanely popular franchises in the world.

While I didn’t exactly get into the Angry Birds craze over the years, the latest installments, like Space, have introduced quite a bit of new elements in terms of gameplay to warrant at least a glance at the new Star Wars-themed experience.

When I am not flinging birds at stormtrooper pigs, I’ll be busy with Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode, as I want to complete this weekend’s special Operation Blast Furnace. I’ve already finished both the N7 Day and the previous Halloween or Jackhammer challenges and I don’t intend to skip this one.

I’ll also go back to Borderlands 2 as I really want to take my main Commando character up to level 50, which means completing the True Vault Hunter mode.

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