EndWeekGame: November 30

Playing Far Cry 3, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, Mass Effect 3 and FM 2013

Andrei Dumitrescu: As long as I can fight through the pain that’s emanating from my left foot, I will spend my weekend not lying in bed but sitting on a chair at my desk enjoying the newly launched Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, from Overhaul Games and Atari.

I loved the series since I was a child and although I have not played it for the last ten years, getting back to the Sword Coast is like putting on a very familiar pair of comfortable shoes.

I like everything about the experience, the mechanics, the story, the characters, the tactical battles, and I will try to create an interesting party as I once again explore every nook and cranny of the beautiful city of Baldur’s Gate.

From time to time I also plan on leaving Faerun in order to return to the Premier League and my Liverpool and England nation team career, where the big trophy I am still hunting for is the Champions League.

Andrei Dobra: My weekend will be spent alongside Far Cry 3, the latest shooter from Ubisoft that's just been released in Europe this week and will be out in North America on December 4.

I was fascinated by Far Cry 1 back in 2004, even though my computer could barely handle it, and I enjoyed my malaria-filled shootouts in Far Cry 2's African environments.

As such, I was very interested in Far Cry 3 and, as you could tell from my quick look, I'm quite pleased with my current experience.

I still have quite a lot of the Rook Islands to explore and I haven't even tried out the cooperative mode or the competitive multiplayer, so I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with the gorgeous shooter.

Besides shooting mercenaries and animals on tropical islands, I'll also play a few online matches in Mass Effect 3 in order to complete the weekend's Operation Detonator.

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