EndWeekGame: March 30

Playing Rayman Origins, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim and Football Manager 2012

Andrei Dumitrescu: I might have just given up one solid video game addiction just so that I could return to an older one.

I had a day off on Thursday and decided to go back to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and just finish the damned game (I have not yet completed the main quest despite being close to 100 hours into the game).

The problem is that after playing about 12 hours in one day, I only managed to end one major sidequest and I am currently making sure that I explored and cleared all the dungeons included on the map.

I will probably no longer play Football Manager 2012 during the weekend, but only because I need the time to satisfy my completion obsession in Skyrim.

And when fantasy gets too much for me, I plan to move to science fiction and engage in some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, in order to get the rewards that BioWare is offering for the new operation.

Andrei Dobra: Last weekend, I managed to level up all of my multiplayer characters in Mass Effect 3’s online mode, thanks to the Operation Fortress challenge, and I’m now looking forward to promoting them thanks to this weekend’s Operation Raptor, in order to unlock extra equipment packs.

After their promotion, I’m more than looking forward to leveling them up once again through many multiplayer matches.

I won’t dedicate my whole weekend to Mass Effect 3, however, as I’m also going to try out Rayman Origins on the PC. I already had a quick look on the PlayStation 3, but now that I have the full game on the computer, I really want to finish it.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have an online mode, which means I need to conscript my girlfriend to play alongside me thanks to the local co-op support.

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