EndWeekGame: June 28

Playing PCM 2013, Deadpool, Company of Heroes 2, Joe Danger

Andrei Dumitrescu: This weekend the 100th edition of Le Tour de France starts in Corsica, with cycling becoming the focus of the sports world for the next three weeks as riders tackle stages across France and try to get their hands on the Maillot Jaune, the Yellow Jersey of the leader.

For the past few years I used Pro Cycling Manager 2013, the simulation title from Cyanide, to run my own virtual version of the race, using either a custom team or my current favorite from the peloton, Radiohack Nissan Trek.

The game itself, as the sport of cycling, has a bit of a learning curve but it also delivers an interesting experience, mixing general team tactics with individual effort.

When winning or losing bike racing gets too much I plan to also play a little more Company of Heroes 2, mostly multiplayer as the Germans, focusing on artillery and tank attacks.

I have already reached level 40 and I really want another five in order to unlock the final General for the German forces.

Andrei Dobra: My weekend will be spent with the hilarious Deadpool game as I'm currently approaching the end of the single-player campaign and, so far, the outlandish story and Deadpool's over-the-top nature have made me like the comic book character even more.

While the gameplay isn't exactly up to par with the amusing story, it's pretty decent and there is a bit of depth thanks to the upgrade system.

When I won't be breaking the fourth wall alongside Deadpool, I'll probably jump back into Joe Danger 1 and Joe Danger 2, as there are still plenty of stages where I haven't gotten the maximum rating or all the prizes.

While I expect quite a bit of anger and swearing until I'll get all the rewards, the game is quite fun and I'm sure the effort will be worth it.

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