EndWeekGame: January 4

Playing Dune 2, Alpha Centauri, Borderlands 2 and Rayman Legends

Andrei Dumitrescu: It’s a new year for gaming and I plan to start 2013 by playing some of my all-time favorite video games, without trying to include anything from 2012.

I have grown accustomed to longer free periods, over both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but the parties and family time meant little gaming space.

Now I actually plan to run a full game with all the new seven factions included in the Alien Crossfire (yes, even the weird two alien races) and try and win without resorting to just working my way up the research tree in order to transcend. Diplomatic or economic victories are the ones that give players the most trouble.

I will also continue to play Dune 2 in a browser, remembering the great time I had with the game when I was a kid and wondering whether anyone plans to similarly re-launch the first Dune video game, which combined the actual adventures of Paul from the novels with both adventure and strategy game mechanics.

Andrei Dobra: After the two extended weekends, it's going to be hard to make due with just two days of time off, but I'll certainly make some time for a few different games.

First and foremost is Borderlands 2, as now that quite a few of my friends own it, I can once again go through the game alongside them and tutor them in the fine art of shooting, looting, and causing general mayhem in the world of Pandora.

When I am not shooting enemies alongside my friends, I'll probably jump into Rayman Legends, as I didn't get to really play the colorful puzzle platform when it was first released.

Now that I have my computer connected to my HDTV, I can pop in a controller and enjoy the great graphics of the platformer in all their glory.

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