EndWeekGame: January 28

Andrei Dumitrescu: Dead Space 2 is not horror, even if the publisher Electronic Arts has worked hard to create this image around the video game, but it is still shaping up to be a significant entry in the third-person shooter genre for the year, fixing up some of the issues of the original game and delivering exciting limb shattering shooting action.

This means that I will be spending a portion of my weekend taking out necromorphs and exploring the extensive new areas that game introduces, waiting for nightfall to come so that I can experience Dead Space 2 to its fullest.

And when dismemberment becomes too pedestrian for me I plan to jump back into Hearts of Iron III, one of the grand strategy titles from Paradox Interactive, which deals with World War II.

The company has announced a new expansion for it, called For the Motherland, and I plan on polishing up my skills and looking for mods that add another dimension to the strategy challenge.

Andrei Dobra: This weekend will be filled with two great games, as I'll be continuing my Dragon Age: Origins playthrough, as well as battle the terrifying necromorphs on the Sprawl space station in Dead Space 2.

I'm nearing the end of Dragon Age, after spending dozens of hours battling darkspawn, mercenaries and even actual dragons, so I'm eager to finally put a wrap on things and start eagerly awaiting Dragon Age 2, which arrives this March.

When I won't be saving the world from the Darkspawn, I'll be trying to rid the Sprawl of the equally-evil Necromorphs, in Dead Space 2.

I really loved the first game and the second seems to really improve it in a lot of ways, adding new enemies, better environments and, like always, plenty of scares at each corner.

I'm still pretty early in the single-player campaign, but I hope to finish it this weekend and even see how the new multiplayer mode manages to blend into the whole Dead Space experience.

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