EndWeekGame: January 25

Playing Devil May Cry, Mass Effect 3, Crusader Kings II and FM 2013

Andrei Dumitrescu: Just when I think I can finally take a break from grand strategy, the team at Paradox Interactive drags me back right in by launching yet another small but significant expansion for games like Hearts of Iron, Victoria or Europa Universalis.

This weekend, I plan to spend more time increasing the power and prestige of a Venetian noble family and trying to spend as much time as possible being the Doge in the new The Republic expansion for Crusader Kings II.

We have already delivered a full review for the new game and it looks like I might spend upward of 30 or 40 hours playing this game, trying to find the best way to turn a significant economic advantage into military and political power.

Because the season is in full swing, I will also use late night hours in order to try and secure at least one Premier League title with Liverpool in Football Manager 2013.

Andrei Dobra: After quite a long period filled with extremely few new game releases, I'm finally going to jump into DmC Devil May Cry on the PC this weekend.

I have already tried out the hack and slash game through a demo on the Xbox 360 and I'm now looking forward to seeing how it handles on the PC, as developer Ninja Theory has bragged about the improved frame rate and the better visuals found on the platform.

When I am not slicing and dicing my way through hordes of demons, I'll probably head on back to familiar experiences like Borderlands 2 or Mass Effect 3.

Seeing as how my farming for legendary items in Borderlands 2 isn't exactly going according to plan, I'll probably spend some more time with my other characters, including the Mechromancer or the Gunzerker.

Last but not least, I want to squeeze in some time with Mass Effect 3 just to complete this weekend's special multiplayer operation.

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