EndWeekGame: January 18

Playing PCM 2013, Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect 3

Andrei Dumitrescu: Because 2013 is now a few weeks old, the brainy cycling fans at PCMDaily have put together a preliminary version of this year’s database for Pro Cycling Manager, which incorporates all the transfers of November and December and also offers update stats.

Modding is a very good way of upgrading the life span of video games and even though developer Cyanide can sometimes make it hard for fans to integrate new content, PCM 2012 constantly gets new content from the community.

There are often moments when the previous year’s edition of the simulator is better than the game the developer puts out because it benefits from official patches, unofficial upgrades and from the new stages and ride updates that the ardent fans create.

When I’ve had enough of managing my cycling leopards, I also plan to cleanse my gaming palate with a little shooting in Far Cry 3, the island-hopping title from Ubisoft.

Andrei Dobra: The New Year drought in terms of new games is continuing this week, so I'm once again going to turn to perennial favorites like Borderlands 2 or Mass Effect 3.

After completing the main storyline on True Vault Hunter mode and finally reaching the level 50 cap with my Commando character, I'm now starting to go through the remaining side quests and even try out the different DLCs that were released by developer Gearbox Software for the shooter.

I'll also be spending some time with my secondary Mechromancer character as I really want to fully develop her skills and also play cooperatively with friends who've yet to reach level 50.

When I am not exploring the land of Pandora, I'll probably head on back to Mass Effect 3's own multiplayer mode in order to complete this weekend's Operation Geronimo.

Last but not least, I might also be heading back to Diablo 3 as a few friends got the RPG over the winter holidays and are looking for someone to show them the ropes.

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