EndWeekGame: January 11

Playing Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, FM 2013

Andrei Dumitrescu: This might be a new year for gaming, but so far, I remain linked to my gaming past because there’s no big launch yet powerful enough to separate me from my habits.

My go-to title at the moment is once again Football Manager 2013, the simulation from Sports Interactive and SEGA, which received a number of patches designed to eliminate bugs and to improve the match engine.

I play the game using the classic 2D simulation and I am happy to report that the experience is much more unpredictable, with very good strikers who now tend to shoot straight at the goalkeeper from close range and solid defenders sometimes forgetting their job to gift goals to the opposing team.

I am also trying to push myself to progress more in Far Cry 3, but at the moment, I cannot muster the energy I need to murder more enemies when the alternative are elegant tactical tweaks in FM 2013.

Andrei Dobra: Seeing as how no new games have been released in the last few weeks, my weekend will once again be spent with two great multiplayer shooters, in the form of Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect 3.

I'm reaching level 50 with my main Commando character and while I'm more than looking forward to farming for some legendary items, I'm also keen on continuing my first playthrough with my Mechromancer character, as I've reached higher levels and she truly begins to shine.

When I am not shooting up the land of Pandora alongside my friends, I'll jump back into Mass Effect 3, as BioWare has once again begun organizing different multiplayer challenges, this time with Operation Genesis.

I have to admit that with the avalanche of new characters, I've neglected the basic male and female humans, so I'm eager to spend some time with them in different matches.

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