EndWeekGame: February 8

Playing Dead Space 3, Crusader Kings II and Birth of the Federation

Andrei Dumitrescu: I might have played all the way through Dead Space 2, but somehow the pre-launch advertising and information for the third game in the series have not enticed me to play it.

I plan on trying on the game to see how Visceral has evolved the horror elements of the franchise and how rolling and cover have changed the shooter mechanics of the series.

But the bulk of my gaming time for the weekend will be linked to The Republic expansion for Crusader Kings II, where I will try to make Venice one of the biggest powers of the era.

I also plan to watch all the three matches of the Six Nations rugby competition, rooting for Ireland, while silently regretting that no decent video game exists to simulate the unique nature and passion of the sport.

If I have any more time left, I plan to spend it on an old Star Trek strategy game, Birth of the Federation.

Andrei Dobra: After finishing Dead Space 3 this week, I'm planning on going back through the action survival game and taking my time with it by completing all of its side missions, especially since I was forced to skip some of them in order to deliver a timely review.

Besides reaching every nook and cranny, I'm also planning on completing more chapters alongside a friend, as the exploration goes much faster when you have someone by your side.

While the game still relies a bit too heavily on back tracking, the fact that I get to bring over my upgraded arsenal and improved weapons will certainly make things more interesting.

Besides going back through Dead Space 3, I might also spend some time with Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode, in order to complete this weekend's Operation Nightfall, as well as with Dungeonland, the new top-down action RPG from Paradox Interactive, which is quite fun, yet extremely challenging.

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