EndWeekGame: February 1

Playing The Cave, DevilMay Cry, CK II and Diablo III

Andrei Dumitrescu: The first month of the gaming year has rolled by and the only two games that I liked from the period will constitute the main ingredients of my free-time diet for the coming weekend.

The Cave is a very well put together adventure and platforming mix from Ron Gilbert and Double Fine, which manages to blend interesting puzzles, some very nice story elements and a distinctive style.

I don’t usually play adventure games but this one is charming enough to keep me occupied for hours and I might even like it enough to play through it twice.

The Republic is an expansion for grand-strategy game Crusader Kings II that allows players to take control of trade-focused countries and see whether monetary might can defeat genealogy and armies.

I am currently trying to make the North Sea my personal domain while playing as Gotland, with limited success but interesting long-term prospects.

Andrei Dobra: Even if I have finished DmC Devil May Cry, I'm planning on going back to the impressive hack and slash game made by Ninja Theory and Capcom, as I want to unlock more secret missions and try out different strategies when fighting against the actual demons.

While I was reticent at first, I had a lot of faith in Ninja Theory, one of my favorite overlooked developers, as the studio carved a spot in my heart with the stunning Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

I'm also looking forward to experiencing the Bloody Palace Mode, which is going to appear as free DLC in the following weeks.

In the meantime, I'll probably fill up the time with other titles I have overlooked in recent months, like Sleeping Dogs or even Diablo 3, seeing as how a friend of mine just got it and I want to help him explore the realm of Sanctuary.

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