EndWeekGame: December 14

Playing Far Cry 3, Civilization IV, Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect 3

Andrei Dumitrescu: After seeing the game being played by some of my colleagues, I have finally decided to buy and play Far Cry 3, the latest in the open-world shooting action game from Ubisoft, and I must say that I am not disappointed.

The game is beautiful, even on my somewhat old gaming PC, and the story it is telling has grabbed my attention right away, even if I have a nagging feeling that after such a great start, it’s bound to disappoint at some point.

The game also managed to keep the core elements of Far Cry 2, which I loved when it launched, while adding a number of ideas, from hunting to the tattoos, which enhances the experience of the player.

If island shooting becomes too much, I plan to switch over to a more strategy-oriented Civilization IV, with the excellent Dune Wars mod installed, in order to re-write the history of the Frank Herbert books and eliminate the intense feeling of sadness generated by the lack of a good Dune-based board game.

Andrei Dobra: This weekend will be spent with the online modes of quite a few games, ranging from Far Cry 3 and Mass Effect 3 to Borderlands 2.

I'm still quite in love with the competitive and cooperative modes of Far Cry 3 and, even if Ubisoft's servers have experienced some outages in the recent week, I'm quite keen on participating in online matches and either working with or fighting against other people.

Like any weekend, I'll also make some time for Mass Effect 3 as I want to complete this weekend's Operation Alamo challenge and unlock my special Commendation pack.

I'll continue my shooter experiences with Borderlands 2, as I've finally reached level 50 with my main Commando character and now I'm looking to farm some of the bigger bosses from the game's world for some quality gear.

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