End of Nations Future Affected by Petroglyph Layoffs

The beta stage for the MMO has been delayed indefinitely

Sources are reporting that Petroglyph, the studio developing the End of Nations mix between MMO and real-time strategy, has seen 30 layoffs and that the very future of the game might be in peril.

Adam Stevens, who is a game designer at Petroglyph, wrote on Twitter that, “Well, it appears this Winter break will be extended indefinitely. Layoffs at Petroglyph. Looking like I’ll be Leaving Las Vegas.”

Other sources are saying that all the 30 jobs are linked to the Las Vegas studio and that all those who have been let go are involved with End of Nations.

The beta phase for the mix between RTS and MMO has been delayed indefinitely, but publisher Trion Worlds says that the game is not being canceled.

I’ve managed to spend some time with End of Nations during E3 2012.

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