Elite: Dangerous Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Adds Rewards Tiers

Gamers still have time to contribute and get the game

The Frontier Development made Elite: Dangerous space-based sim is now over its official Kickstarter funding goal with more than one full day to go before the game reaches the end of its period on the service.

At the moment, more than 21,650 gamers have backed the project and have given more than 1,278,000 British pounds to the team, which is about 2,077,000 dollars (1,575,000 Euro).

The coming reward tiers include a Mac version for Elite: Dangerous, to be launched in 3 months after the core game is out, and 10 new playable ships that will arrive alongside the 15 that the game will ship with.

A new Reward Tier offers gamers the option to buy a digital copy of the game and 500 credits.

Those who have already gotten the Premium Box Set Reward Tier now also get a printed star map of the game universe.

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