Elite: Dangerous Gets Teaser Trailer, New Funding Options

Gamers can now use PayPal to donate to the space sim

The development team at Frontier Developments is offering fans of the Elite: Dangerous project a new teaser trailer to celebrate the fact that gamers can now use PayPal in order to contribute to the game.

The new video shows the early form of the game and many changes will be required before it’s ready to launch.

Still the core space sim experience is clearly visible and should warm the hearts of fans of the genre.

Frontier Developments is asking for 1.25 million dollars (946,000 Euro) in funding via Kickstarter and gamers can now also contribute via PayPal.

David Braben, the main game maker behind Elite: Dangerous, states, “We have had many requests for PayPal pledging and donation. We're delighted to act based on that feedback from our enthusiastic community and very thankful for their positivity and efforts in helping to get this game made.”

There are 15 more days for fans to pledge money.

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