Elite: Dangerous Galaxy Will Evolve and Influence Player Missions

The space sim allows players to experience a variety of careers

David Braben, the game creator behind the new Elite: Dangerous, is offering gamers more information about the galaxy that they will be able to explore in the new space simulation title and on how it will continue to evolve as the game progresses.

Based on the state of the galaxy, players will get new dynamic missions and as more of them complete the tasks, the game will use that as another resource in order to decide what the next state of the game universe will be.

There are more than 30 days left to contribute to Elite: Dangerous on Kickstarter and the game is over the 50 percent mark to its 1,250,000 dollars (959,000 Euro).

Elite: Dangerous will be launched exclusively on the PC during March 2014 and will deliver a classic space-based multiplayer experience.

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